A great piece of work…

PR Blogger is back, and whilst Stephen has been kept busy over at Edelman it seems he’s been kept busy on some pretty meaty work. I’m often asked by clients and colleagues to identify good quality (and influential) UK bloggers; this in itself is alomst an impossible task. At present there is no sure fire way of knowing a bloggers location or beign able to search in a geographical way. Technorati is useful for gauging influence but is unable to give you that all important geographical data. I think we are still a long way off being able to do this.

 So… that is why i’m particualarly impressed by the work that Stephen, Technorati and Edelman have been working on. Whilst Stephen admits that it is still a little ‘finger-in-the-air’ the work they’ve completed to date is great in identifying the top50 UK bloggers.


2 responses to “A great piece of work…

  1. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m quite inspired to do more work into this will be looking for some help.


  2. Always happy to help mate…


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