Don’t judge those that try and fail, judge only those that fail to try

Like many things in life the fear of doing something actually pails into insignificance to the reward of actually doing it. Fly-Over is absolutely right, one of the main barriers today to businesses Blogging really taking off (some do it, and do it very well) probably is the fear of doing it.  

I’ve spoken to different people in varying organisations about Blogging and other social media tools and the benefits they can bring to them as individuals, and then collectively as a business. Whilst some embrace it, and see great benefits from the medium, others fear it, procrastinate over it and invariably forget about it. Many people are just plain scared of saying something they shouldn’t and are fearful of talking via this medium to people they might never meet and therefore have no control over. What if something they say upsets the senior management? What if it they aren’t on message? What if senior management says something that affects the share price? What if my employees say something they shouldn’t? What if…?  

For that reason, corporate Blogging, and use of social media tools, to communicate with external audiences is probably only suited to those individuals and companies that are brave enough to get past this initial fear point – that are prepared to deal with the risks – but confident enough to understand that these are minimal in comparison to the benefits of having an open dialogue in this medium.


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