Just because I’m tall…

…does it mean I’ll be good at basketball? My man in China tipped me off today of a great story which has hardly made any waves over here, but is making front page news in
Shanghai (evidently not huge fans of politics, world affairs and satire – wonder why?). Current tallest man in the world Sun Ming Ming (7 foot 9 inches), who as it turned out was growing at an alarming rate due to a tumour on his pituitary gland is sent over to the US for an operation to remove said tumour and prevent what looked like an early death. He is then ‘signed’ up by a sports agent, keen to take a risk on the man who has never held a basketball but technically able to dunk a ball without leaving the ground. Wow… Sun Ming Ming is now training every day to make the grade, but as of yet has no NBA contract.

Will he ever play in the NBA?


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