Even my Grandmother has read a blog (well that isn’t actually true but can’t be far off)…

I’ve just been reading the post today from Anthony, which flagged an interesting survey by the Guardian – thanks for the post.  Evidently the Guardian has conducted a survey, into the
UK’s online habits that they’ve entitled the ‘Digi:Nation survey’. The results point towards the growing trend of content creation and consumption, in that ‘more than a quarter’ of the population have created their own website or blog. This figure does seems a little on the high side to me.
Antony rightly points out, one should always be suspicious of online surveys about online/technical things i.e. how balanced/true a reflection of the population can the results be – they’re sitting online completing a survey for heavens sake!

That being said, the survey results do point towards the fact that these technologies/tools are becoming (I was going to say slowly becoming but that’s not the case) part of popular culture. Just look at the speed of adoption into popular culture sites such as YouTube and MySpace have managed – two years ago YouTube wasn’t even an idea. The ways in which people interact, engage and consume media and information are developing and evolving at a rate of knots probably not seen since the advent of the internet – what, i wonder, will the landscape look like in two years from now – I’m pretty sure i’ll be able to have a conversation with my grandmother about a blog and she wouldn’t think i’m crazy…


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