Love bites…

So I stumbled across Satchi & Satchi’s Lovemark concept today whilst reading iObserve (I -like). An interesting concept which I’ll keep my eye on, it is seems to be their attempt to show why some brands are/become inspirational (your Apple’s of this world etc) whilst others don’t i.e. the product/brands you couldn’t live without… They say that: ‘A Lovemark’s high Love is infused with these three intangible, yet very real, ingredients: Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy’ The concept of intimacy and mystery are interesting ones when considering business/brands/Lovemarks that use technology to actively network with their customers. I suppose if this concept is to be believed it would be about striking the right balance between the two – keeping an open dialogue without giving away all of your secrets and ensuring you are always able to surprise


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