Second Life?

Does this represent a glimpse of the future for people’s interaction/use with the internet and each other? I think it may well do. Social media it now seems is about far more than
blogs, wikis and instant communication tools – social media has gone graphical/virtual and at present does so under the guise of Second Life.
  I met recently with a good friend, and ex-colleague, who has been actively involved with, and consulted clients on Second Life for sometime now and in speaking with him I realised that I needed to find out more about it. Until then I’d dismissed Second Life (wrongly) as just another MMORPG; it really isn’t, it’s a fully functional virtual world (with own currency:
Linden dollars). People do business via this forum trading in both online and offline goods, you can buy land, network and so much more.
 I’m not going to get too excited about it until I know more and to do that I’m going to have to get involved. I’m going to download and give it a whirl this weekend and in doing so endeavour to find out more. But when big media players like the BBC, Text 100 and now Reuters get involved I think it would be rude not to… 

If you’re already involved let me know your thoughts? Does Second Life offer us a glimpse towards our online future? If so, what challenges/opportunities does it throw up for the media profession…

When will we be pitching stories to Second Life journalists? When will Google, Microsoft or Murdoch buy it :)?


2 responses to “Second Life?

  1. I certainly have been enjoying Second Life beyond the idea of it being just a game. Over the weekend I was able to attend some concerts and get to know the musicians involved, which is not so easy in a traditional forum. IBM are running events in SL too.

  2. Thanks Andy. It is an area i’m keen to explore; the IBM activity makes for fascinating reading…

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