In my day…

So it seems my trusty laptop and desktop PC are no longer up to the task… I was looking forward to installing, and then exploring, Second Life on Sunday but alas my technology is not up to the task. I’ll have to invest in new hardware if i’m going to get involved…

 The Gadget Show last night ran a very timely (for me)  segment looking at the best PC’s you could buy for under £500. As i haven’t had to think about buying a PC for a while i’ve not really paid attention to pricing in the past couple of years, so i was amazed at what you can now get for your money. The PC that ended up winning the segment last night (was a self-build) had better specs than a PC a friend built me about 3 years ago at a cost of £2,500 – that’s serious depreciation. Good news for me the buyer today, but does make me think about just how cheap PC’s can and will get in the next couple of years.


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