Settle down with a good blog…

Thought I’d flag an interesting conversation started last week by Newspapergrl looking at
blogs to book deals. An interesting topic area as
blogs are becoming a great tool for authors and publishers alike to pre-test interest and demand in content. The example she uses that triggered my interest to post about it was that of David Meeran, who managed to turn his successful eBook into a book deal – she writes:

David Meerman Scott blogged about his book “The New Rules of PR (pdf file).” It had more than 100,000 downloads, plus lots of attention on
blogs. He had
presold so well that he emailed an agent and got an immediate response and a book deal!

Just how immediate a deal is pretty impressive – in his own words: 

David Meerman Scott said 3 days ago:

Thanks for writing about my example. What’s remarkable about my case, is I pitched an agent via email for an idea for a book based on my “New Rules of PR” ebook and the tens of thousands of downloads and many bloggers who posted about it. I got an email reply from the agent in 2o minutes and signed with him that very day. Wow.  

I thought I’d share, it might inspire other would be writers. I’m off to start writing the next Harry Potter!


One response to “Settle down with a good blog…

  1. Thanks very much for flagging my example. If I can get a book deal (I am a mere mortal, not somebody famous), then anybody can. So when your book comes out send me a copy and I will review it! David

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