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Everyone, it seems, is getting in on  Second Life – PA Consulting has just announced tits launch into this virtual world (copy of the press release below). It really seems to be the ‘next big thing’, the potential cash cow – but as TWL points out in their post on the launch of CrayOn in Second Life – are we on a crest of a wave or have we jumped the shark?

Press Release: 

World first: PA Consulting Group the first major consultancy to open for business in the virtual 3D world ‘Second Life’

>  24 October 2006

> PA joins leading retail and higher education brands in new

> communications medium

> The global management, systems and technology consulting company PA

> Consulting Group (PA) opens its ‘virtual’ office in the three-

> dimensional world called ‘Second Life’ today.

> Second Life was launched in 2003, and is rapidly evolving into an

> interactive environment where world-leading companies can engage

> informally with customers and job-hunters inside simulations of their

> real-world shops and offices.

> Claus Nehmzow, who leads PA’s applications of virtual worlds, says:

> “A virtual world such as Second Life has many valuable and real

> applications for us and our clients. For PA it is a new way of getting

> closer to existing and potential clients, demonstrating and discussing

> business issues in real time. It’s also an innovative and interactive

> marketing presence, a recruiting tool and in due course a way to

> interact with our alumni.

> “Second Life also has the potential to be a serious business tool for

> many of our clients in various industries. It is important for a

> consulting company to have a view on how to apply technology such as

> this to businesses. We can now work with clients to build 3D

> ‘immersive’ environments that can be used to collect customer

> feedback, involve customers in design, and eventually use this medium

> as a customer service and interaction channel.”

> PA’s CEO, Bruce Tindale, adds: “3D virtual worlds are now becoming a

> unique business tool. For example, a bank may want to redesign its

> branches’ interior design, assess the way its consumers and bank staff 

> interact, and even gauge the user-friendliness of its technology. All

> this can be realistically simulated in worlds such as Second Life,

> which makes the gathering of user feedback on design options faster,

> cheaper and more realistic. And, in the public sector, urban planning

> and distance learning could take advantage of this new approach to

> improve dialogue with all stakeholders – while also lowering

> consultation costs.”

> Other leading brands already operating in Second Life include Adidas,

> the BBC,Harvard
School, Reebok, Reuters,  Sun Microsystems and

> Warner Bros.

> The new virtual PA office is open to visitors from today, Tuesday

> 24 October, at:

> For more information, please contact: Claus Nehmzow, PA Consulting 

> Group,
London. Tel: 0207 312 4824
Mobile:  07768 746258  E-mail: 


> How to access ‘Second Life’ 3D virtual world

> Join Second Life free at: Download the 

> application at:

> System requirements are here:

> sysreqs.php .

> Once in Second Life, search for ‘PAConsulting’ or click the 

> following shortcut link:

> 119/145/26/


2 responses to “Join the party…

  1. Hi…
    thanks for the link love – it’d be great to find out more about you but in the meantime you may want to check this out for a thought provoking and insightful mini-interview with jaffe on crayon.



  2. No worries Ed – as actually the interview with Jeff that led me to your site. Very non-revealing stuff. Well today is the day, so let’s see what they have to say.


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