Spooky… are they watching me?

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I’ve been a bit slow at picking up PR Week this week, but managed to find the time to flick through it this morning – oh dear oh dear oh dear.  The ‘Find out if you are a typical PR person…’ feature on page 28 is certainly not one of the best articles I’ve ever seen in PR Week. What was Peter Crush reporting on… Well, it turns out, us PROs aren’t all different an according to Experian (working with PR Weak) we are all in fact pretty much the same – belonging to three different camps based on what we buy, our outlook and our self image. Bless their cotton socks. Which camp do you belong to (am I the only person who didn’t belong, does that make me different, am I an outsider an impostor)?? 

  • New Urban Colonists or ‘Toby and Sophie’ – evidently live in Twickenham or
    Richmond, generally female (sorry Toby) and shock horror they don’t eat just at restaurants but sometimes they’ll even eat at home.
  • Global Connectors ‘Sebastian and Olivia’ – evidently live in Chelsea or Battersea, probably middle aged and single (don’t think they live with parents still) and probably want to be interior designers really.  
  • Cultural Leaders ‘Jacob and Annabel’ – live in Golders Green or Finchley likely to be very arty and for them ‘life’ is a priority (please) they listen to classical music but are not ostentatious at all. 

So how many PRO’s did they interview to make this conclusion, how much time did they spend researching our roles/lives and interactions; well, it seems, these conclusions were made by analysing 500 random postcodes. Long live the ‘finger-in-the-air’ survey. 


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