Green PR

I was just thinking about the Stern report – some worrying figures and claims from the report and the prospect of the future looks bleak. It looks like our Government will play the tax card and, hopefully, will trial various carbon allowance schemes and so on. Obviously industry probably plays a bigger role than that of the consumer and it made me realise that, as an industry, PR isn’t all that great to the environment. As middlemen (people) the PRO’s role involves a lot of carbon and damage causing, we’re possibly some of the worst… From taxis rides to meetings, flights to global meetings and trade shows, fancy lunches (where did my meat, wine and fruit fly-in from) and so on… Maybe a conference call and an organic lettuce salad will do. 

Some real food for thought; obviously all these changes will mean nothing if China and the
US doesn’t take note. How green a PRO are you?


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