Let your advert creation run free…

I thought Virgins embracement of social media and networks was to be commended, I was particularly impressed at their latest venture approaching the highly creative and ace B3ta network (over a 100,000 members – and if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet then why not?) to ask them to create a new advert for the Virgin money brand. A very brave move I thought at the time that deserved a pat on the back.


But alas – evidently Virgin were not all that happy at setting the creative process free. As Bobbie has highlighted it seems B3ta was a little too wild for them – but what did they expect? The competition was pulled due to some of the entries including doctored images of Richard Branson, doing some ‘unpleasant’ things and the images being, and I love this term, ‘a little bit illegal’.


One response to “Let your advert creation run free…

  1. A ‘little bit illegal’ sounds like something from Nathan Barely. Genius. I think they should have just gone with it with disclaimers all over the place. Wasn’t there an issue where Branson was in a risque advert in Oz? If brands want to be cool, they have to let go a lot more. Calling in B3TA then being unhappy about the result is like inviting Shaun Ryder to a kid’s birthday and expecting him to behave…

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