Watching me… Watching you…

I was woken this morning, as usual, by the Radio 5 Live headlines. After dozing for a few minutes I then heard a pretty worrying report and interview (I think with Richard Thomas) which culminated in a strong hint that there are numerous secret bunkers around the capital full of people ‘monitoring’ and ‘watching’ society. One such bunker is allegedly under the Trocadero in Piccadilly!!! (I’m going to try and find it)


Now, it’s hard not to see the surveillance that goes on all around us – there are cameras everywhere and that makes me feel safe if it’s the Police that control them; there are numerous ‘dataveillance’ activities undertaken by stores and frankly I’m fine with that if Sainsbury’s want to know more about my buying habits and will reward me for it. What is rather more worrying is how far this surveillance goes and if, as the interview suggested this morning, the Home Office is behind it all. I’m not sure I want the Government using this data to know what I’m doing and more importantly using this to make decisions about what I ‘might do’. With recent reports for the expansion of the DNA database and ID card schemes the dystopian future that many predicted is fast becoming a reality. Scary stuff.


One response to “Watching me… Watching you…

  1. Well said. 2 schools of thought on this as the securocrats I know are worried about explosions in violent crime due to feral people and the number of potential terrorists about (and think the chattering classes are far too blase about the latter). Fair enough, but it leaves the tools in place for someone less benign. Not that I have much faith in people who can’t seem to organise a circa 1993 electronic booking system for GPs to keep track of anything…

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