We are the news…

Interesting news on YouTube, founder Chad Hurely announcing that within a year there will be a mobile service available. This will allow users to use their mobiles to capture video clips and upload to the site directly in real-time. I think this could be the next catalyst for change in the world of news and offer further momentum for ‘real’ news reporting. The internet has really challenged and changed the way in which people consume and publish news, and this seems to be the next step. An event happens and within minutes it is delivered to the public by people at the scene as they see it. 

I’ve seen Sky news increasing use footage recorded from a witness camera phone, just look at the Tsunami, 9/11 and 7/7 post event coverage, using lots of witness recorded footage. This YouTube development could offer the next revolution in news TV. Is it too hard to imagine a YouTube News site developed (or more likely this becoming a new facet to the Google news search – advertising a go go)… How long until YouTube/Google news becomes the online generations’ first port of call for news? The news seen as it happens, without political flavouring and editing. Personally I can’t wait.


3 responses to “We are the news…

  1. That is interesting, youtube on mobile could be huge. I guess bandwidth will be a problem but this will get sorted out. It is such a powerful idea, people will be able to sit in the park record a video on their phone and share it right there and then. Scary

  2. Yep the future isn’t all that far away! I imagine the bandwidth issues are probably why they aren’t launching it today, will take a bit of time to get right but when they do…

  3. Happy Slap a go-go! I predict a compelling combo of competence and comedy…

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