If Apple did the phone it would probably be…

So if rumors, patents and predicitons are to be believed, next year will see Apples long awaited entry into the ‘convergence world’ with the release of the iPhone. It will be great to have Apple join the already crowded field and will be interesting to see what impact it/they will have on the market. I think their entry may wedge a firm cleave through the middle of the current ‘converged’ device market and as the recent Economist article suggests help push us towards a diverged future where people will have a number of phones, one for work, one for outdoor pursuits and one for the weekend… we shall see.

 In the meantime, check out this spec advert video of the ‘iTalk’ – i want one… 


2 responses to “If Apple did the phone it would probably be…

  1. Very cool video. The fact they are allegedly selling it on its own without operator involvement (at least at the start) is also very interesting. Means they get to keep their margins high. I wonder if the first one will be more iPod nano + phone rather than an iPhone per se. Interesting times….

  2. Yes, it looks like if Apple get the design right (and who can doubt them) and by the looks of things possibly the timing they will again be set to make a lot of money…

    I’m actually hoping they really do get frisky with the design and doesn’t look anything like the phone in the spec, or for that matter any phone on the market. I’m hoping they do something that really ‘challenges’ the idea of what a mobile phone can be. Let’s see…

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