A magazine for the people by the people…

Everything moves in cycles – at least so it seems.I heard today about a great online to offline social media/user generated exercise – JPG Magazine – it looks fantastic and i think is a real neat idea. It takes a similar approach to how Digg defines popular news and applies it to photography – pictures are submitted by, and then voted on, by the community. However, this is where JPG are doing things differently and go the next stage – they publish a glossy offline publication i.e. it is a magazine, created and to a degree edited by a community. I think this sounds a fantastic idea and i for one will be subscribing and getting involved (I really want a digital SLR), but it also has gotten me thinking about what lessons other areas of publishing can take from this – it will be interesting to see if this spawns other online community created offline magazines/publications etc… God I wish I could code


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