Paris Hilton beats cancer…

the Zeitgeist

Apologies in advance for the headline, but Google has just released its zeitgeist of 2006. Probably the best attempt at pulling together something like this you will see, as the leading search company they should be in the best place to tell us what we were all interested in during 2006. Well worth a look. 

Some surprises… Bebo was the most popular search term beating MySpace (was second), YouTube didn’t make the top ten.  I wonder does that mean MySpace and even YouTube were so well known that they did not require people to use Google to find out about them and as Bebo was less well known more people did need to google first? Or was Bebo just more popular? Confused, i am – i.e. is this a Zeitgeist or just an example of popular things we didn’t know much about but wanted to find out in 2006?

It also seems that most Google News users are of the ‘tabloid’ variety with Paris Hilton (number one search) and Orlando Bloom (2) both beating cancer and Hurrica Katrina to the top spot.

I could go on, well worth a read through…


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