Get them young.


Oh and before i forget can i just say about bloody time – the legal age of smoking in UK has now been finally raised to 18. Unbelivable that it has taken that long to change! Do the tobacco companies still hold that much sway over polictics? Obviously the times they are a changing.

On that note, cracking story from the BEEB today – evidently smokers are three times more likely (than non) to believe that cancer is down to fate…

 I’m not offended by smoking by the way, just the nature by way young kids can buy them and get hooked.


2 responses to “Get them young.

  1. I disagree. The laws in this country are becoming even more perverse under new nanny Labour. As Guido points out this morning, raising the legal age of smoking to 18 means that two 16 year old boys can shag each other legally but enjoying a post coital smoke means they are breaking the law. Meanwhile a driver who kills a cyclist can get off with a £200 fine. The law is a 21st Century Ass.

  2. I agree the law is still broken, but laws that will save lives like this one are no bad thing. Smoking costs the NHS a bucket of cash, and if by making it harder for kids (and I’m talking the 13-15 yr old bracket) to buy cigarettes and get hooked, means even a few less addicts then I’m all for it. Will it make a difference? I don’t know, but I’m well behind them trying to tackle this problem.

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