The plastic light fantastic…

Wow. A great British innovation story from yesterday that I saw on the BEEB last night,
University spin off company Plastic Logics has raised $100million of investment to open a plant in
Germany and start producing plastic based electronics. In essence they have developed away to build plastic circuits, replacing Silicon. This could mean a new era of consumer devices and also greatly reduce the cost (plastic is a hell of a lot cheaper than Silicon). Obviously it’s very early days with the company and technology but definitely excited to see the developments. They are talking about being able to develop intelligent/electric paper, flexible displays, intelligent casing that would tell you when you should take action on the product (i.e. use by dates, take drug now etc) and of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Will it be the end of silicon chips, probably not in the short term; but could it usher in a new wave of exciting innovation – i think so.


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