And then there was…


The iPhone – yes, Steve has just unveiled it at MacWorld – so months of rumors and speculation has seen the product that people thought they’d see – and lo and behold it looks pretty swanky (but we’d expect that).

dsc_0182.jpgThe largest surprise seems to be the choice of OS, it will run OSx – this will allow the device to run Google maps, iTunes, safari etc – so should allow for a very ‘rich’ multimedia experience. There is no 3G or HSPDA rather quad-band GSM and EDGE – so the data transfer isn’t going to be too hot and a little 2001. But this iPhone is really going to appeal to the style conscious (must like the iPod did until the Queen and everyone and their Grandmother got one) and isn’t going to compete with the ‘high-end’ phone market (certainly not with this initial offering) but rather appeal to those that use a phone to make calls and send texts yet also carry an iPod. Why carry both when you can carry the iPhone (I suppose).  Certainly it will be interesting to see how it develops from this point on. The best thing for me about the iPhone is that Apple has stuck to its heritage of great ‘design’ and has taken a creative and fresh look at the concept of the mobile phone creating something fresh, exciting and importantly significantly different to anything on the market…Will it work – let’s wait and see.


One response to “And then there was…

  1. Exciting stuff indeed. My money is on Orange as the UK partner as it uses EDGE. As for connectivity, you are right its a bit retro. However, EDGE is around 200kbps on a good day and the 3G market Stateside is an alphabet soup of competing standards. I think getting full UMTS into that form factor alongside the other kit would be hard and 3G canes battery life like Keith Richards at Trader Vics circa 1973. Interesting times and of course I am drooling.

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