two point who?

Nice article on ValleyWag, about the term web 2.0. It looks like people have started to get sick of the term and mainstream publications and online newswires are using it less. Use of the phrase has now reached saturation and is now on the decline for the first time since the term was coined by O’Reilley in 2004 (was it really that long ago)! Make of it what you will.  Does this mean 3.0 is on the rise?? Are we now forever stuck in a vicious circle of .0’s to describe the ever changing way we use the internet as a social tool?

 What will 3.0 mean, or rather what will occur to see a noticeable change that requires someone giving it a new name – back in your box O’Reilley? Will it be the semantic web as many think it might be? Possibly. Will it be when the big guns, with the bandwidth and the ability to build out the infrastructures needed to power the next iteration of the web, take control again? Probably. 

For that matter what was 2.0 really all about? Wasn’t it just when people accepted the idea of being ‘public by default’ as opposed to being ‘private by default’? A little more than just a flick of the switch made by developers. Once people were happy with the idea of sharing their information and ‘broadcasting themselves’ the rest was history. Was 2.0 really about extrovertism?

All good fun.


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