Debbie doesn’t do Blu-ray…

The shortest war ever? Seems Sony (Blue-ray) has taken a stance against porn and will not license the right for people to release Porn on Blu-ray? I get the principle but not the logic – don’t they know that Porn rules technology, i think the HD-DVD community will be rubbing their hands (yes hands) with glee.

 On a related note, i was listening to the New Year TWIT podcast this morning where they talked about the ‘skinning’ features in HD-DVD, in essence the ability to easily upload a photo of yourself and for the technology to put your face onto that of the lead character in a film. Not actually sure how this will work, but considering what i was talking about in the first paragraph i can see a few interested parties in this feature…


3 responses to “Debbie doesn’t do Blu-ray…

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  2. Sony won’t licence Blu-ray to porn producers.

    Well that’s that format war settled – HD DVD it is.

    Just how dumb is Sony, did they learn nothing after their Betamax failure – the simple fact is that porn sells and is responsible for an enormous amount of pre-recorded material that appeals to a large audience with disposable income.

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