Norther bloggers, Southern fairies?


Thanks to the eminent blogger and twitter (twitting is a joy I tell ye all) Stuart Bruce, I discovered today the whereabouts of the
UK blogging capital
. It isn’t London, I thought rather surprisingly, and not even a city or town at all but a whole county, and that county I hear you wonder is
Yorkshire! Thanks to MSN Spaces for the research, but a whopping third of all internet users in the region have a blog. If you think about it, that’s a huge figure.

Obviously with this being a survey for PR purposes there is very little rational as to why this might be. Is it the Yorkshire mentality and way of life that make them more inclined to share their views and opinions? Is it due to the climate – cold and wet (i jest) and as a result more time spent in doors? I really don’t know. 

Stuart: any view on why the blogging capital of the UK is Yorkshire??


4 responses to “Norther bloggers, Southern fairies?

  1. Wrong soap my son. Emmerdale is Yorkshire folk, them folks is from the wrong side of the Pennines.

  2. Two words:

    ‘Byker Grove’

  3. Clearly my universe is contained withing the parameters of the m25… Both my Geogragphy and Soap appreciation skills need improving.

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