Coming soon to a conf call near…

I just spent some ten minutes waiting for a conference call to start at work today. Not an uncommon experience, in fact conference calls are an ever present part of my job and I imagine that is the same for many other knowledge workers. As the business world increasingly looks at reducing costs and starts thinking about their carbon footprint at the same time, conference calls are surely set to grow? 

Which got me thinking, and apologies this is a pre-caffeine thought of the day, why am I listening to music clearly recorded in the early 90s using a synthesiser when I could be listening to highly targeted advertisements? I’m waiting on this conf call with probably about another 20-30 people all working to varying degrees in the technology sector – a captive audience? Yes/No – am I way off the mark here? I now time shift my TV watching habits, as many do, and now skip through the adverts. The time sitting and waiting for conf calls to start each week (I think probably if I added this time all together it would be up to 60 minutes each week) is at the moment probably the largest junk of ‘dead time’ or potential ‘captive time’ I have in my Monday to Friday life. I think I’d rather listen to adverts about new services, revolutionary photocopiers, latest printers and all that jazz than some demo tune from a synthesiser that someone got for Christmas in 1990… Maybe the conf call is the new TV for advertisers (clearly it isn’t but just a random thought that I believed I should share – where’s my coffee?)


One response to “Coming soon to a conf call near…

  1. Patent that concept now. Conference calls could be totally ‘free’ on this basis and I have long wondered why on earth hold ‘music’ is at it is. Forced music will always alienate someone – I may think Brian Eno might be a good way to ease into a call but others might rather listen to a dentists drill…I remember when for some reason in my life at least it was always ‘Greensleeves’ across any kind of hold zone…

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