Pay the fan boy…

Thought i’d share a great post and interview up on Church of the Consumer (great blog to read).  Evidently a Moleskine (fancy notebook manufacturer) ‘fan-boy’ blog site has just been ‘acquired’ in one of the first examples of a sale of a citizen marketer site. As CotC says “the amatuer turns pro”.

What a great story. It will be interesting to see if the site manages to keep the appeal it clearly has with its audience (150,000 visitors a month). Great example of a company taking the ‘if you can’t join them then acquire them’ approach to social media. It also illustrates a great example of a company realising the benefits of such specific ‘fan’ blogs can have. Easier i suppose for them to buy the site and ensuring it can continue to run, and grow, by giving the author/moderator the time (i.e. a salry) to dedicate to it.


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