A wii bit too long…


Sorry this isn’t a very funny or good humored post as well, but thought I’d share a story that evidently has been pretty big stateside that i stumbled across today… It’s a 101 example of how not to do marketing, and to perhaps when the use of a pun isn’t the way to run a competition. Sacramento KND 107.9 radio ran a competition a few weeks ago where listeners could take part in an in studio competition to win a Nintendo Wii – they thought rather cleverly that a “hold your wee for a Wii” was the was to do it. Perhaps one of those things that seemed a good idea at the time. From what i can make out the competition involved 18 contestants drinking large volumes of water at regular intervals, with the longest to go without a bathroom break (or take a Wee) to be declared the winner. All this calamity was aired live, with contestants complaining of headaches and writing around on the floor – the show even took calls from concerned medical practioners stating that this was dangerous and that “drinking too much could lead to water intoxication” to which the DJ  replied “yeah they signed releases so we’re not responsible” – famous last words.

The second place contestant, Jennifer Strange 28 and a mother of two, died shortly after the competition of water intoxication. 10 people have now lost their jobs. Now it seems lawyers (repsenting the deceased) may actually sue Nintendo over this… messy.

Message here for everyone is how ever good you think an idea is, think it through before you do it….


One response to “A wii bit too long…

  1. Thanks for sharing this story.

    As you say it highlights that even if WOM or Viral campaigns are perceived as being cheap, marketers MUST think through the side effects and consequences of their campaigns, products and services thoroughly.

    Certainly this campaign has ended with the wrong type of attention.

    chris @ rawstylus.wordpress.com

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