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Obviously in my line of work i get to see many trade shows and one of the highlights for me is the ‘wonder’ – soaking up the atmosphere, checking out the competition, finding out about new companies and of course looking at the stands themselves and the ways in which companies ‘attract’ maximum attention. I have to say i’m of very mixed opinions about companies that ‘try to hard’ to attract attention does it not scream of desperation i.e. will the company that has spent the most on attracting your attention ultimately be the least interesting? Or, as i was debating with a colleague, is it just a way that the little guy can get heard – maybe it is only via a lavish stunt or by shouting loud that they can get heard?

Anyway, i can confirm that one of the most popular ways of attracting attention remains the Stand strumpet or booth babe…
Barcelona had plenty of eye candy on display to help draw in the clouds. One of the highlights, and as it turned out controversies of the show was the Logica CMG’s ‘topless trade show trio’. Well they were on day one. Yes, Logica CMG had three topless ladies, all be it painted yellow, manning its stand. On day two, same girls this time with tops. Why? Well i imagine the GSM weren’t all that happy with these shenanigans, evidently complaints were received… Ho hum, perhaps they thought they were at a different trade show?


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