wow – i’m back from Barcelona and survived (just aboout) 3GSM this year. I was over with Motorola who had a great yet very busy show. I won’t go into the specifics but the z8 had to be one of, if not the, phone of the show. Anyway it certainly helped add to the buzz at the booth and in the press areas…

But taking a non-client specific look at the event 3GSM 2007 was huge this year. The zeitgeist of the show certainly seemed to be less about the hardware this year that it has in previous and far more about the experiences so content and services were hot. Mobile video/TV was big again with many operators and vendors looking at delivery models and value add services, GPS was huge taking the converged story on a notch and then ofcourse DRM around music and video contunued to provoke debate. And then last, but by no means least, WiMAX– clearly seems that this will be the answer to the developing worlds infrasturcutrre requirments and makes me think that many peoples first interatction with the internet and email is going to come via a mobile device as opposed to a pc. neat.

 Also i heardly heard anyone mention the ‘i’ word. that was soooo last month.


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