How many British scientists does it take to change a…


So it seems the
UK has stopped inventing and innovating. According to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the UK has fallen out of the top 5 for the first time and is now behind US, Japan, Germany,
South Korea and France. The league table is constructed based on numbers of patents filed per country in each year.  Not surprising was the surge from
China which represented the fastest growth through 2006 with a 56.8 percent increase.
 I think the statistic that clearly indicates one of the underlying problems was the league positioning of
UK companies, with none in the top 50, with Unilever the highest place at 65. So what has happened to the
UK company? Why the slow down? Have they stopped inventing and innovating? Is it a case that we are now seeing the results of the failings of the British education system, with people no longer choosing science, technology and engineering degrees? Is it a case of brain drain, are the best British minds now working for companies representing other countries? Have to say I was sad to read the article – all the signs point to a continual slide as the emerging markets continue to grow exponentially…


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