big blue blog…

Thanks to Simon for the heads up, but it seems that Mr. Cameron has decided to, as well as keeping a high profile yet very irregular online video diary, keep an online blog. That he hopes to update more regularly than the video diary… Wow, will be interested to see how this goes. Will be interesting to see if, should the polls be right (are they ever), he would keep it up when in office. I have to say I did applaud him for the video weblog, despite the toe curling cringe worthy updates. This online blog should create the opportunity for real ‘dialogue’ with a party leader and potential Prime Minister. As of yet there has been one post, lots of comments but no response from the big man. For this to work, and to be ‘really’ powerful Cameron must ‘engage in conversation’ with the readers. I’d love to see him responding regulalry to the comments left on the site – this will raise it up from being a fairly static one way website to being a real blog/conversation.

I’ve asked him – we shall see…


3 responses to “big blue blog…

  1. I hope it’s a real dialogue too, Justin. Compare with the other big website announcment of the day ( and see which one is best for usability; tagged content; interactivity etc… Nuff said.

  2. Justin,

    I’m going to make a cup of tea, would you like one?

  3. Do you really need to ask? I never say no?

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