Good idea Mr. Ed?


Thanks to Drew for the flag, but the horsesmouth website has just gone live. I remember hearing about this a little while ago but one of the number of things you hear about and then completely forget to look for, so thanks Drew.

 Horsesmouth, is a neat social media tool – in its own words the site has created a ‘wisdomocracy’ putting people with problems, questions, decisions to make in touch with people that might know the answers or ‘mentors’. In very crude terms from my perception it seems to be an open-source life coaching service.

On the face of it, i think it looks a neat service and will register with problems and as a mentor (sure i must know something about something) to see how it works. Check it out.


One response to “Good idea Mr. Ed?

  1. Cheers Justin – loving Mr Ed 🙂

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