Buy it, sell it, Twitter it…


Wow. Reading the FT article today was a little surreal. It is always nice to see something you’ve been involved with to gain notoriety and fame, and Twitter is certainly en vogue at the moment. Hell, as Drew points out it is the most searched word on Technorati It was my trip in November to San Fran where i met a number of entrepreneurs and technologists such as Bob Godson and the FT quoted Ross Mayfield where they said it was the thing to watch – seems they were right. Interesting to see whether it will attract financial interest, not sure i see an obvious ‘exit’ for them – maybe another Murdoch target?

 As Justin mentioned this morning, seeing Twitter on the front page of the FT cried out 1999 – I can just see all the braces and bow ties shouting at their stockbrokers ‘if it doesn’t have silly name or 2.0 after it i don’t want to know”.

I hope the hell not.


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