The future is geek speak…

I was just catching up on the Sunday papers on my way to work today (i just never get through them on a Sunday any more) and read a funny short story in the Observer Review section about Vogue magazine america and it’s attempts to take the social media route, and relaunch the website.

However, according to the infamous editior Anna Wintour, the word ‘blog’ is just plain vulgar and so very far removed from anything resembling fashion. She has passed an outright ban on the use of the word online and in print and has tasked her ‘people’ to just sort it out and imaginare a new and far more fashionable word to use in its place before the website is relaunched… Favourite suggestion so far is blogue – anyone have any better recommendations?

 It does also speak volumes about the evolving nature of our society and the impact that the technology age is having on our language. When, as it seems, new trends, fashions, ways of communicating etc have roots in technoloogy and grassroots in the geekier end of it – the names, terms and references are also created by the greators aka the geeks. In essence we seem to be well into a new age of ‘discovery’ much like the explorers of a centuries past as they rushed to discover and then name countries and creatures, it is the technologists that are doing the discovering, and as a result the naming, today…

I wonder just how much damage this age of discovery might have on our language. 


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