radio is dead, long live the radio

I have of recent been really getting into ‘radio’ again; I think it is such a fantastic medium… particularly fond of Radio 5 live at the moment. So as I’m in the midst of a radio revival i was really pleased to read today that Channel 4 is throwing its hat into the ring and planning to join the radio game – long overdue me thinks. I really believe that radio is back with vengeance (surely I’m not alone), and with digital radio new audiences are being spawned as people can now listen to their shows as podcasts on mp3 players/phones or record live (Sky +, digital TV receivers) to listen to later. Seems that channel 4 is looking to partner with BSkyB , Emap , and Carphone Warehouse to take on the mighty BBC – interesting group of companies. There is no such thing as bad competition when it comes to the consumer, so will be interested to see if channel 4 can do for radio what it has been able to do for le radio.


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