Put that back…


 Nanny state, big brother, invasion of privacy – call it what you will but the news last night/this morning that the
UK is to roll out nationwide ‘talking’ CCTV cameras filled me with mixed emotions. Part of me gets it i.e. it will help (so they say) to target the anti-social and by drawing direct attention to the fact they are being watched may help to stop/prevent their actions. Examples they had on the news last night were about people littering, committing minor vandalism in short a ‘we can see you can you pick up your litter and place it in the bins provided’. Good if it works in those situations…
On the negative side, this does seem to up the ante on the invasion of privacy debate, as well as watching us ‘they’ can now speak directly to us, tell us what to do, or not to do… Fine, just about in its current guise of anti social activity, but where will it stop…  Orwell/Huxley seem to have been closer to the mark than people think…


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