The wild wild west…

I was horrified last night to hear about the horrors that had taken place  in
Virginia and with what i then read/heard about it this morning in the media. It is so disturbing that these incidents continue to take place, and surely this incident is going to mean the
US seriously thinks about, what i believe to be, its antiquated views on gun ownership and laws.
 My views were only further cemented this morning whilst listening to BBC Radio 5 live and an interview they had with the editor of ‘Gun Weekly’ a US publication. The editors response to this incident was not one of need for more control, stricter legislation and laws but rather a defiant view that laws need to be relaxed and that these students should not have been victims and should have been able to defend themselves (i.e. carry arms)… I find this view very hard to swallow, and am young enough to remember my University days – the idea of my UNI halls being like the ‘wild west’ fills me with horror.  I hope that these victims don’t die in vain and something is done to make it harder to find guns. Whilst i admit that if someone wants to do this kind of thing they are probably going to still do it and will find a gun somewhere – let’s try and first make it harder for them to find the damn things.


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