PR spam…

So keeping on the theme (well kind of) today of PR’ing bloggers i noticed that COC put together a post shaming and not naming examples of how ‘not to pitch a blogger’… Long list of examples from their inbox, that fill me with dread – are PR’s really doing this. Check out the post for the full list but here are a couple of my favourties:

  •  “We have been following your blog for a while and we find it very informative and interesting. That’s why we invite you to visit and comment on the post titled…”
  • “Hey, wanted to let you know that Stanis DaMann, CEO of Company X, has launched his new blog.  You will find his most recent blog posting about email marketing here. Feel free to post it to your blog if you like.”
  • “I thought you might be interested in this newly launched campaign from Company X promoting a Product You Would Never in 50 Years Care About.”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…


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