real-life, virtual-life – what’s the difference?

I read a cracking article whilst sat on the 87 to work today (i’m having a bus renaissance – love them at the moment). The Guardian ran this story today about Geminoid… It seems   scientists in Japan have built a humanoid robot that has been designed in the creators image.Geminoid in essence becomes a virtual physical presence of the creator/owner/driver. The robot can move as the person moves (remotely), using 50 motor sensors, and the driver can also see through the robots eyes seeing what it sees and can talk through it’s mouth. Interestingly the ‘driver’ can also feel what the robot feels – spooky. In essence this sounds to me like a real-world avatar?I can see the uses; maybe every global CEO will have one made-up and sat in each global office. The CEO can then ‘drive’ the humanoid they want to i.e. to physically (all be it virtually) attend meetings and have a presence… It sounds a darn site easier than forcing everyone onto Second Life to attend meetings, or probably even than video conferencing – all though, I’d imagine – not quite so cheap… Who knows maybe, we will all have a humanoid replica someday, so whilst working you could also be on holiday (a just slightly higher tech version of a blackberry)? The lines between the virtual and the physical seem to be increasingly blurred…


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One response to “real-life, virtual-life – what’s the difference?

  1. wot r we guna do wen these robots learn how to think for them selves they will be nearly indestructable and to be honest technology is great but you are messing with something that one day u will not be in controll of any more i think that makin robots that look and think like us is madness and when it backfires on you all (inventors) you will be the ones to blame for the destruction of the human race do you really think u will always be in controll ?????? cus i can c the future and it is looking very very bad as we are alreadydestroying our planet with gasses and emmissions and now u want to replace us humans it it totally rediculous and i hope it will be noted that i am only a normal person whos veiws on this subject shud be taken into consideration do not build a robot that can think for its self or the human race may be eraced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! replacedwith robots

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