and the scientists say…

So it seems that boffins have now proved, what i think a lot of people already knew, that messages delivered via Newspapers do have real influence over consumer decisions. The study in question is one that seems to have slid out under the radar yesterday,(i noticed it in the news in brief section of the Times today and on further digging only Brand Republic has covered so far).  Anyway, the Newspaper Marketing Agency commissioned a boffin group called Brainwave Science to conduct the first
UK scientific study into the impact on the brain of advertising.

The key takeaway from the survey (again i haven’t seen, as i can’t find, the full research results) seem to be that television adverts have far more impact if backed by a newspaper campaign (Newspapers generate a 42% higher emotional response that Televison when it comes to advertising).

The boffins were able to track brain activity and show how it ‘spiked’ in response to adverts and the effect of these spikes was far greater if the product was promoted across different media.This seems to be a case of getting science to proof what we already knew, or certainly believed. Whilst this particular survey looked at the impact of advertising, it does of course support the idea that cross-discipline marketing works and the power of a ‘joined up’ campaign. The idea of the ‘sweet spot’ of message delivery across media cleary does work. It supports the idea that PR, advertising, direct marketing etc are at their most effective when they work together. Would love to see the full research report.


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