whose company is it anyway????


Lots already written about the whole Digg, HD-DVD shenanigans, but thought I’d flag a couple of good write-ups and views on it here and here

Notably Mayfield has a cracking analysis of the situation and i’m inclined to agree with most of what he says. Particularly like the points that look at the consequence of being a company operating (and profiting) in the social media/2.0 world i.e. you might ‘own’ the company when it comes to paying taxes but it really is the ‘community’ that pull the strings. Ultimately without them you wouldn’t have the taxes to pay in the first place!

Cleary in this case censorship, and the enforcement of it, has created a mountain out of a mole hill… Due to the reaction of the community the number of people that now know the hacked codes are far greater in number than had they just let it slide… DRM/Copyright and protecting IP when it comes to technology is a hard nut to crack and clearly still nowhere near being cracked… unless you’re a hacker of course…


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