Wow, so
Kathmandu is a real assault on the senses – the sights and smells are just amazing.

Not having spent time in the East before I don’t think anything can prepare you for that initial culture shock. The drive from the airport to the Hotel was gob-smacking. Fighting our way through a stream of traffic, that seemed to have no order to it, (still have no idea what side of the road they’re supposed to actually be driving on) my little eyes didn’t know where to look. We passed colourful weddings, live bands, marching military, women by the side of the road washing clothes, rickshaws, cyclists carrying more than you could get in the boot of a volvo and young boys carrying what looked like about eight times their body weight on their heads.  

After a brief respite the journalist party decided to take a stroll to the popular Tamal district, a short walk away from the hotel we’re staying in. A collection of tight streets lined with colourful shops, bakeries and market stalls. The range of colours is amazing – certainly makes you realise that us Brits just don’t do colour – made
Camden look pretty dull and grey in comparison.

We have one more day in Katmandu and will be taking the journalists around the key sites before flying to
Lhasa to start the journey to Everest.

couple of pics from the day:picture-082.jpg





One response to “Kathmandu

  1. I’m a jealous man J. Looks amazing, hope to hear more from your travels as time goes on.

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