Top of the world??

So i’m back in
Nepal after 9 nights in a tent on Everest and back on uncensored internet – hoorah. By now hopefully you’ll all have seen/heard that Rod reached the summit and was able to send a text and make a call at the same time.
I’ll be honest with you and after my first day at base camp, where I couldn’t get a signal for toffee, i was pretty sure it wasn’t going to work at all and was preparing for the egg-on-face. But low and behold he actually did it.  Having been at the bottom of the mountain whilst he made this summit and having spent time there, i can’t begin to tell you how impressive a feat it was.  I made the walk up towards ABC and can honestly say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – a 12K walk to IC (intermediate advanced camp) took us nearly 6 hours. I’m pretty fit but the affect that the lack of oxygen has on the body is unreal – so with Rod being a further 2.5K up (vertically) I can only imagine how hard it was to get there.I was lucky enough on summit day to be tucked up at BC in the Discovery teams ‘shack’ and watched Rod’s summit attempt live – his Sherpa had a camera attached to his helmet that was beaming back live signals. It nearly didn’t happen at all. Rod took up three batteries with him, one in phone, one in pocket and one tapped to his chest (batteries do not like the cold and it was -30 at the top).  At the summit the first two batteries died in less than 20 seconds and it took the last battery and plenty of chest hair, to get the phone working. The pictures from the top are amazing and you’ll be able to see them towards the end of this year on Discovery’s:  Beyond the Limits. As you can imagine there has been much partying at base camp since the summit and after hearing about the coverage (well done team) Rod’s head is too big for the tents provided. I’m now back in
Katmandu and have a few days before flying back to blighty. We drove back from base camp across two days, driving for about 13 hours across some of the most amazing scenery you’ll ever see – it must one of the greatest driving routes the world has. In that short space of time the drive went from mountains to desert, to woodland, to forest to city – seriously breath-taking stuff – will share photos when back in


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