back to the office, back to reality…

Today marked the first day back in the office and I have to say it made a refreshing change to my work surroundings of the past few weeks. No Yak, no Sherpa and no mountain (well not in the literal sense, plenty of the work type to tackle in the coming month). After three weeks I was ready, and relieved, to get home… Great trip, went well but after so many nights under the cover of canvas I was starting to go stir-crazy… 

I’ve been catching up on the coverage now I’m back in the
UK and have been amazed at what the story achieved. I always thought that if the phone worked, and we could hear what Rod was saying, that it would go down well with media but the project has really exceeded my expectations. I knew things had gone better than planned when I was with Rod in
Kathmandu when he got recognised by a Nepali bar man who had read about the record in his local paper – the power of PR.

Also, and on a related matter, thought I’d share a ‘coincidence’ moment I had today. I went out for a quick lunch with colleagues to ‘celebrate’ my return to work in one piece and downstairs in the restaurant I bumped into Nick, camera man who was also at base camp filming for Discovery and who I spent a lot of time with there. He was also having a welcome back lunch with his family. What a small world we live in.

I will get round to uploading some pictures from the trip in the not too distant future…


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One response to “back to the office, back to reality…

  1. Wow I bet it is a bit of a shock coming back to the UK. When you have been on a trip like that you see everything differently and you cannot ever imaging feeling swallowed by the busy pace of London. But little by little it claws you back and then you need to go on another trip.

    Keep up the blog


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