Who is ‘The World’s Leading?’

More importantly who is Theo Worlds-Leading? Well you can find out via Facebook. Facebook has to be the fastest growing thing on the planet right now, even TWL is giving it a bash. I have to be honest with you I’m ever so slightly addicted to it myself. Channel 4 eat your heart out… I’ll also take this opportunity to flag a great piece of work by my colleague Johnny Bentwood. We’ve had the top 50 PR Bloggers, we’ve even had the top 50 UK bloggers we now have the Top 50 analyst bloggers (RedMonk take the top 3 positions!) – nice work.


One response to “Who is ‘The World’s Leading?’

  1. Interesting to see how the methodology is spreading. As I’ve commented on Johnny’s site, the Bloglines scores threw me so badly that I decided not to use them, but it’s interesting that he’s using Technobabble instead. I’d still like to see a study done using Google Blog Search and, come to that, Google itself, quite simply by using the number of hits you get when you type the URL in. I’m sure there must be value in those metrics.

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