What a good week to try and sell-in a story?

… well actually, clearly not. Blair has gone and Brown is in and the media circus around this changeover has been in full swing all week. (Although speaking to the BBC Online technology guys yesterday it seems not a PR in the land was touting stories so probably would have been a good idea to get something out).

I did catch a cracking hour long Channel 4 show the other night looking at Bird, Bremner and Fortune and the shows role in the demise of Blair. I’d forgotten just how funny the Blair & Campbell satires were. In one of the interviews they pointed out how upset Campbell used to get about being acted by a ‘fat’ man (evidently he’s pretty vain), so much so that he ‘leaked’ stories (allegedly) to the papers that the actor was going to be sacked because he was too fat. Priceless media spin doctor action and great use of the taxpayers money.

 Anyway thought this was a fitting picture to mark the occasion (credit to Beau Bo – cracking work).




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