Born with friends… is this a social media no-no?

Just glancing through Trendhunter magazine this morning and spotted this story… I stopped, pinched myself and then realised I wasn’t dreaming. Has Social Media gone too far??

The first social media site for Generation Z is being launched in Belgium – Foops! – in beta stage it already boasts 12,000 members (born and unborn). Seems the concept is actually not quite as pervse as it first sounds  as more about ‘parents’ interacting,. However,  the fact that they register their children (new born/soon to be born) and not themselves as the members does seem a little bit Orwellian. Evidently big brands have already jumped at this site throwing many euros into sponsoring specific areas (called playpens) – seems the idea of interacting with infants and their parents has a lot of appeal. Watch this space… 

 Will future generations have online social media identities at birth – it seems they will? I thought having parents choose your religion before you were old enough to speak was worrying enough but having them create a permanent online identity and building a network of friends for you seems a tad worrying. I’d rather choose my own friends.


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