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Wow, yet more ways of ranking online profile, this time a product (in beta) called qdos… we all do so love a league table.  

Anyway, check it out and see if you think it works, we had some mixed feelings internally here on the scores i.e. the value of postcode. Despite this, was certainly fun and I thought it was quite a neat way of a company (its a security company specialising in identity theft called Garlik) spreading its message in new ways…

 My colleague ‘Robbo’ recently met with the company at the launch of this product and here’s his overview:

 The product is called QDOS (www.qdos .com) and it is being offered by UK company Garlik, which specialises in identity theft prevention. 

Garlik is a very interesting company.  It was founded by Mike Harris, the founding CEO of internet bank Egg and the former CIO of Egg, Tom Ilube.  Professor Nigel Shadbolt,  University of Southampton, is Garik’s CTO and two of its key advisors are Professor Wendy Hall (also with Southampton uni) and Sir Tim Berners-Lee. 

Garlik markets a number of products and services related to online identity protection and risk mitigation.  From what I understand, they’ve developed QDOS as a way of engaging people with their online presence, or as they explain, to give you a starting point for managing and taking control of your online presence.

As we’re all aware, digital presence is extremely topical and an ever increasing concern.  According to Garlik, much of the discussion about digital presence to date has been driven by fear. 

Garlik wants to change that by creating a fun way for people to get a better understanding of what online presence is all about – hence QDOS.

What’s your score?

Try QDOS out for yourselves.  The site went live last night, apparently allowing the UK’s adult population on 45 million to get an overview of their online presence.  Just visit the website, enter your name and postcode and you’ll immediately be presented with a score based on your:

Who you know and the extent of your online network
How much people listen to what you say online

What you do online e.g. shop, chat, blog

How easy you are to find online according to your name, your age etc

You can get a more detailed analysis of what this all means by registering with QDOS, which is also free.


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