Fan Cam?

Happy New Year one and all… Tip of the hat to Drew for his pre-Christmas post on – a really neat new social media video site that allows you to stream live video from your mobile phone to the web (including directly to your blog/social media site via your Qik page… 

I haven’t played with it (only works with Nokia phones at present) but I like the concept and the feedback from the early adopters online is overwhelmingly positive…  It got me thinking, as camera phones and video capture quality continues to improve on mobiles and connectivity keeps on improving that It might not be all that long until the likes of Sky get worried (and other broadcasters) – I imagine the quality wouldn’t be great today but certainly can see a market for those already shunning traditional TV for YouTube and web videos watching a ‘fans eye’ view of the football match (or any other sporting/music/paid for event for that matter)…

Will we see an age where mobiles are banned from certain events to protect IP/royalties from TV etc? Surely not…


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