One of many we’ll see this year…



I’ve just seen on the ever impressive TechCrunch UK, that Next2Friends is officially launching later today… I came across this over the Christmas period when the beta program started but didn’t get around to trialing – I actually didn’t think there were going to be too many people playing with it in the UK to make it worthwhile. It will be interesting to see what noise they make at launch later on number of current users and hopes for different markets. 

Anyway, Mike says it all in his post, but another ‘interesting’ mobile social media network one of many I’m sure we’ll see throughout 2008 (I’m waiting for my beta of Rummble but looks good). Next2Friends combines an online community, with Bluetooth mobiles. The idea being that throughout the day your mobile will record who you’ve walked past, sat next to, maybe even talked to that’s also signed onto the site and has set similar preferences to you i.e. possible friends or probably (as the site seems to be going down this route) potential dating interests. A nice idea, but as Mike points out Bluetooth is still very battery heavy which might put people off and then of course this only really works when enough people in your area are using it (a need for really big marketing push). 

 Anyway, will keep eye out for launch announcements and see what they’ve got planned – certainly one to watch.


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