Google: “GMAIL-we just can’t be arsed to finish it?”


Okay, so that isn’t actually a quote from Google in the title but I do wonder why is GMAIL still in beta?

I happened to notice last night that the product is still branded as beta – why? Is it for some weird tax loophole in the same way that most Greek properties are never quite finished? Or is it some counter to the American liable culture that because it’s beta we still use the product at our ‘own risk’ should information be hacked/lost/whatever…

  Are they really not that confident in the product to still call it finished (it was launched some 3 years ago now and marked a public beta a year ago).  I’m not, by the way, the first one to have this thought.

I wonder, maybe they’re going for some world record attempt for the longest product beta ever….

Does anyone know the answer?


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4 responses to “Google: “GMAIL-we just can’t be arsed to finish it?”

  1. It is the ultimate get-out clause for Google. Never take the product out of beta, and thus ensure you can never be held liable for any of its more destructive or cumbersome bugs. After all, they warned users it was beta software, proceed at your own risk etc.

    ICQ for example has been in beta continuously for at least 12 years now. One day they might even finish it. 🙂

  2. tut tut… you’d think they were big enough and bold enough to stand by the product…

    Interesting on ICQ, seems that they may well be the ‘record holder’ for longest product in BETA…

  3. IU do not really mind if it’s still in beta; it’s by far the best email programs I have EVER used.

    If I were to lose my password I would be really devastated. I hope there is a way to recover that ;-(

  4. If you lost all your emails would your world really end??

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